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Feedback for EMDR Basic Training Virtual courses:


EMDR Basic Training, 5-Day Virtual - July 31 - Aug 4, 2020

"The EMDR training experience with Thrive is a must for any clinician. From the first point of contact (registration process with Ms Betsy Floro) to currently being in the Group Consultation phase of training, I have been incredibly pleased. I chose Mr. Floro because of his clinical work with military personnel and first responders. He is very knowledgeable and humble, inclusive of other experiences, willing to seek informed opinions when he's unsure of something, and encouraging to therapists who are new to the work of trauma. I've found him and his staff to be committed to the field of trauma healing and transparent in their interactions. These are the qualities you want in any training experience!"


EMDR Basic Training, 5-day Virtual - July 23-27, 2020

"Thank you thank you thank you for EMDR training. It has changed the way I practice and as far as I can see I am never looking back."


EMDR Basic Training, 5-Day Virtual - Aug 24-28, 2020

"I live on the Westcoast and the training was on Eastcoast Time and I woke up at 4:30 am for 5 days to train and it was well worth it!!!"


EMDR Basic Training, 5-Day Virtual, Jul 31 - Aug 4

"I was unsure if I would personally get the same quality of training virtually, as I would have seated, due to being a hands on learner. I actually felt there were far less distractions that I normally experience with seated. I actually feel very confident as a provider to provide EMDR virtually due to the practice sessions. The user manual and workbook are very easy to follow. I printed off the material to quickly reference when practicing with clients. I am highly satisfied with this training and my confidence to help my clients has increased significantly. I have a new passion, EMDR. Thank you Chris!"


EMDR Basic Training, 5-Day Virtual, July 31 - Aug 4 2020

"Thanks for a wonderful training! I'm really looking forward to utilizing this in my practice and I feel like I got a solid foundation through this training.