• Do I have to prove non-profit, student, military, or community health employee status to receive the reduced rate?

    Currently we are allowing discounted registrations under the honor system and are not requiring verifying documents.

  • How do I know the times for group consultation after I complete the class?

    You will be provided with links to view all the times that our consultants are making available for EMDR consultation, and you'll be able to sign up for the days and times that are best for you! We have several consultants, so there should be no difficulty coordinating consultation with your other obligations.

  • I have a seizure disorder and want to enroll in EMDR Basic Training. Why do I have to notify you in person?

    We want to make people aware that bilateral stimulation (BLS) that is done with EMDR can be a trigger for seizures. There are multiple things that can influence the triggering of seizures, but we want to make sure we don't unnecessarily put you at risk. Typically, the risk is small. It is the same type/level of concern we might have for (high-risk) pregnancy for someone in training. This does not mean you can't train but we want you to be able to make an informed decision on the training.

  • I want to learn to use EMDR with children, is EMDR Basic Training course appropriate for me?

    Let's cover training first. Initial EMDR Training will not specialize a clinician to a particular population group like kids, addictions, military, etc. EMDR Basic Training is not built that way. If that is what you hope to get, you will be disappointed by any training as working with children is considered a specialty in EMDR. Basic EMDR training is focused on learning the basic protocols and building a clinician's foundational competency and confidence. To my knowledge, that would be true with any basic EMDR training you will receive from anyone, including a trainer who is a child therapist using EMDR. Only a relatively small portion (30 min) of any EMDR Basic Training will cover working with children. You will only get "wave tops" of information on all the specialty groups since EMDRIA approved training has to follow a set curriculum for the most part. We suggest you locate a Child Therapist who also trains EMDR...you will most likely get more of that wave top information in their training because that is their specialty and that section of the training will typically be more robust. In regards to consultation, all EMDR Approved Consultants have some basic expertise in EMDR with children (this is true with Thrive coaches and consultants). However, if the consultant doesn’t work with kids regularly, they won't be able to give you the latest and greatest techniques. This is where it will pay off for you to have that EMDR trainer who is also a child therapist. In consultation, they can give you a lot more insight into your work than Thrive coaches could. Thrive coaches and consultants can help you work with kids as you learn the basics of EMDR. Either way, you will most likely need/want to go get additional specialty training in working with children. However, keep in mind first the goal is to learn Basic EMDR and then move onto how to use it with children. Side note: There are not many EMDR trainers who also specialize in children. The reality is there are only approximately 100 EMDR trainers in the US so there are not going to be a lot of folks to pick from.

  • How do I register for consultation?

    Please log in to your student account on our site and go to your course in the Dashboard. Under Next Steps, you will find a section with links for each of our consultants' calendars on SignUp Genius. Please follow the instructions provided in the course to sign up for your preferred consultation hours.

  • Can I split payments between myself and my employer?

    If you would like to make a custom split payment arrangement, contact us at emdr@thrive-pllc.com. We will work with you to issue split invoices for you and your employer for the portion of the cost each party has agreed to pay. Typically we will require a split payment worksheet to be completed so we can get all the necessary information for billing and registration. Please note that payment in full is required before your document of completion is cleared for release.

  • I registered and paid for a future class but I can’t get into the class or see the materials.

    Future classes are still set to pre-order, which means the class content hasn't been released for students to see yet. This gives us time to make changes or updates without confusing students. We will release content two weeks before the class begins. If after that point you are still unable to access content, please contact us right away so we can troubleshoot the issue with you.

  • How can I be issued a refund?

    Please contact us at emdr@thrive-pllc.com. You may cancel your registration up to 3 business days before your training event starts and receive a full refund. If you have been making payments under an installment plan, each payment will be refunded separately. You can also request to transfer to a different training, and we will credit your payments directly.

  • How do I sign up for two people at the same time?

    Please contact us at emdr@thrive-pllc.com if you need to register more than one person for training. We will provide a registration worksheet to help simplify the registration and billing process for your group.

  • Is this course Part 1 or Part 2 of EMDR Training?

    All our courses cover the complete EMDR basic training content. This includes Part 1 and 2 of live training as well as all 10 required hours of group consultation (students schedule consultation at their convenience with any of our consultants). We offer the complete training either in a 5-day condensed format, or in a two-part format. Each course is clearly labeled as either a 5-day or a 2-part course.

  • What days and times are typically available for group consultation? Are weekend hours available?

    Each trainer or coach has a variety of times available each week on 1-3 different days. Altogether there is consultation opportunity from Monday through Friday of a given week. Specific times and dates are made available for each coaches' Signup Genius link when you complete the 40 hour training. Typically there are no weekend consultation hours available.

  • If I initially select the 5 month payment option, may I pay it off early?

    You may opt to pay off your remaining balance ahead of schedule by contacting us at emdr@thrive-pllc.com.

  • I signed up to pay my course with the 5-month payment plan. Do I have to make the payment every month?

    Once you use your payment information to pay your first installment, your future payments should be automatically charged to this card on the same day of each following month. If you have an issue with your payments or need to change the card on file, please let us know at emdr@thrive-pllc.com.

  • Is Basic EMDR Training approved by the ESWB for Social Workers?

    At this time, our training has not been approved by the ESWB.


Detailed instructions to help you sign up for consultations can be accessed here.