• Complete & Return CIT Agreement

  • Complete and return EMDR AC Criteria Acknowledgment Form

  • Text length of individual points can be shorter or longer depending on your needs


Welcome to Thrive Training & Publications LLC’s EMDR Approved Consultant process. We are so glad that you have decided to take this next step in your EMDR career! This section will give some guidance on the EMDR Approved Consultant Course process and point you toward the resources you will need to be successful. 

The goal of becoming an EMDR Approved Consultant is for you to be considered an expert in the use of EMDR and understand how other clinicians can become trained and certified in EMDR.   

Approved Consultant. Your EMDR Approved Consultant will be Chris Floro.  You do not need to complete all 20 hours with me.  You must complete a minimum of 5 hours with me if you desire for me to provide you with a memo you can use in support of your EMDR Approved Consultant packet you will submit to EMDRIA. 

Consultation. Consultation is done at a variety of times.  My basic consultation tends to be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  My Certification consultation tends to be on Thursdays.  I will allow you to sit in on those opportunities as a way of you having consultees with whom you can work while I provide direct observation and feedback on the consultation of consultation that you provide.  

Preparation.  If you have your own consultees, you will be expected to come prepared with case summaries and audio recordings of your consultation of consultation with your consultees.  Please bring your points of discussion and questions you have about your work. Bring your most difficult cases not the ones that make you look good!

Recordings. The best audio file format is “.mp3” but I do have some capability to modify the file format on our end. 

Teleconferencing. Consultation is either done in person, Zoom, or on group phone calls such as dial pad.  

Costs/Payments. Payments can be made online when you register for the Approved Consultant Consultation course (top or bottom of this page).  Costs are listed below.  You can have a payment plan option for a small administration fee. 

  • $100 pays for one hour of consultation (min of 5 hours needed for EMDRIA memo) 
  • $500 pays for 5 hours of consultation & memo documenting 5 hours to EMDRIA 
  • $1000 pays for 10 hours of consultation & memo documenting 10 hours to EMDRIA 
  • $2000 pays for all 20 hours of consultation & memo documenting 20 hours to EMDRIA 

Discounts.  If you completed your basic training or Certification consultation with Thrive Training you will receive a 10% discount on the above fees.  If you fit into this category, please contact kfloro@thrive-pllc.com for the discount code. 

Forms. All your forms can be found at your course site on the Thrive Training & Publications, LLC main site https://learn.thrive-pllc.com.  

Initial Meeting. Our first meeting will not be a consultation but rather a review of all your documents and goals pertaining to becoming an EMDR Approved Consultant. This is simply to make sure we are both in agreement with expectations and desired outcomes. 

If you have any questions feel free to text Chris at 910.303.2982.

General EMDR Approved Consultant Information

  • 1

    EMDR Approve Consultant Information

    • Welcome to the journey of becoming an EMDR Approved Consultant

    • Approved Consultant Process

    • List of Documents to complete and upload

    • Complete and Upload CIT Consultation Agreement

    • Complete Consultant in Training Declaration

    • Review Forms in Chapter "Forms to Use with your Consultees"

    • Download and Complete EMDR Approved Consultant Criteria Acknowledgement Form

    • Review EMDRIA's Consultation Packet

    • Links for Basic and Certification Consultation

  • 2

    Completed Document Uploads

    • Upload a copy of your Professional License

    • Upload a copy of your 50 hour EMDR Training Document of Completion

    • Upload EMDR Certified Therapist Certificate

    • Upload Consultant in Training Declaration Email from EMDRIA

    • Upload your signed Consultant in Training Agreement Form

    • Upload Completed EMDR Approved Consultant Criteria Acknowledgment Form

  • 3

    Forms to Use with your Consultees wanting to Become an EMDR Certified Therapist

    • Example Certification Consultation_Permission for EMDR Audio Recording to use with clients

    • Example #1 EMDR Certification Consultation Case Presentation Form

    • Example #2 - EMDR Certification Consultation Case Presentation Form

    • Example #3 - EMDR Certification Consultation Case Presentation Form

    • Example - Helpful tool - EMDR Certification Consultation Log Con log

    • Example - Download EMDR Certification Consultation Agreement -

    • Example - Download EMDR Certification Criteria Acknowledgment Form

    • Example - Consultee's EMDR Certification Evaluation Self Assessment

    • Download EMDR Certification Consultation Agreement -