10 hours of consultation is required as part of the EMDRIA Approved Basic Training. Thrive Training & Publications has included the cost of these 10 hours of consultation as part of your basic training registration fee.

Some training organizations do not disclose whether the cost of the required 10 hours of consultation is part of their basic training registration fee. The 10 hours of consultation may add anywhere from $250-$1000 to your basic training cost. Thrive Training & Publications suggests you compare before you commit. 

Thrive Training & Publications' consultation fee is $30 per hour, one of the lowest in the EMDR training industry. We escrow $300 (10 hours @ $30/hour) of your registration fee for your consultation. With each consultation session you use, $30 is deducted from your $300 consultation escrow account.

Scheduling your consultation:

It is up to you to utilize the hours of consultation. We would suggest that you not delay in scheduling your hours after training. We typically do not offer consultation during the actual training; your days are long enough!

Consultation is still valuable regardless of your current work situation and would still apply toward completing the basic training course.

Conference-call consultation:

This is the most common form of consultation. Upon completion of training, you will be given links to all of Thrive Training & Publications' EMDR Consultants, who have a variety of times and days of the week available from which you can select. Typically, no more than four participants will be scheduled for any time slot. Special arrangements can sometimes be made with a consultant for an agency that has more than 4 participants seeking consultation.

Consultation Cancellation Policy:

Thrive Training & Publications coaches have agreed to set aside time from their clinical practice to provide your consultation, often for less than their rate for a clinical session. In respect for their commitment to help you integrate EMDR into your clinical practice, it is Thrive Training & Publications' policy that  coaches charge the regular $30/hr consultation fee for no shows or late cancellations. To make up a missed consultation session, you will need to make arrangements to pay for that session out-of-pocket.

Completing your consultation:

Completing your consultation is an individual process; however, please note that you will not receive your Certification of Basic Training Completion until you have completed all of the training and the 10 hours of consultation. We strongly suggest you schedule your consultation on a weekly basis.