After attending the training, participants will be able to:

Basic Training Objectives: 

  • Develop Knowledge of EMDR's 8 phases & 3 prongs
  • Communicate knowledge of the Adaptive Information Processing Model
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic recent research supporting EMDR
  • Demonstrate ability to gather history and develop a target plan for a basic client
  • Prepare a client for EMDR Therapy
  • Treat a non-complex client using phase 3-8 
  • Develop knowledge of using EMDR with basic specialty groups; children, couples, recent trauma, and self-use
  • Communicate knowledge of EMDRIA, EMDR Certified Therapist requirements and the consultation process

Complex Training Objectives:

  • Demonstrate complex techniques for developing targeting plans
  • Demonstrate complex approaches for client resource development
  • Demonstrate knowledge of working with more complex clients 
  • Demonstrate more complex processing skills (i.e. Window of Tolerance, Cognitive Interweaves, and the Gears)
  • Develop knowledge of basic treatment concepts with complex specialty areas (i.e. Addictions, Pain, Dissociation, First Responders, etc.)
  • Demonstrate a variable approach to working with complex client scenarios using the "gear" approach

Participants must complete the entire EMDR training course and 10 hours of group consultation within 24 months (for in-person courses) or within 12 months (for virtual courses) from their initial start date. Please consider this deadline when registering for the training.